Photograph :Paola Bragado | Graphic Design : Oscar Salinas Losada.

Photograph :Paola Bragado | Graphic Design : Oscar Salinas Losada.

"Mi casa su casa,  My house is your house"

Abbie Cardwell

Welcome & Bienvenidos amigos to my cyber casa. For those of you that haven't met me yet I am an Australian born singer-songwriter-musician-artist, writer and collaborator that lives to do what I love wherever it takes me! After almost 20 years of making singer-songwriter-country-roots based music I began to get curious about other places and sounds. I also craved a break from the banjo and gingham that had become my uniform. I realised I was more than just one genre and one style. My heart was called to Mexico and to search for a great band over there. Fate introduced me to Twin Tones in Mexico City and I have consequently been collaborating with them ever since.

So welcome to my cyber casa where you can read about my adventures past, current and new. Listen to my exciting new album From Mexico With Love (MGM Distribution 2014) created with my 2 bands between 2 continents;  The Chicano Rockers in Melbourne, Australia, and Twin Tones in Mexico City!  

True to my ever burning creative desires the next album-in-the-making is currently in the pipeline with my successful PledgeMusic fundraising. This project is for a Spaghetti-Mex-Western story album with a picture book inspired by the women of the Mexican revolution (1910-20) Las Soldaderas.

I'd love it if you'd join me for the ride! 

Love Abbie x