Guadalupe's Revenge Cover Art

Well hola & howdy there partner,

You are one of the chosen few to have gained access into this world. A world created between two songwriters on oppositie sides of the globe; Abbie Cardwell in Australia and band Twin Tones in Mexico City. Guadalupe's Revenge is a fictional story woven by Abbie and inpsired by the history of the female soldiers of the 1910 Mexican Revolution. Over 5 years, Two trips to Mexico by Abbie and tons of online collaborating,  the journey of this project grew in unexpected ways to include a composer in Italy, story editor in Germany and Mexican historian & translator from Mexico/USA.

Guadalupe overlooks Abbie Cardwell & Twin Tones in a Mexico City hacienda

Guadalupe overlooks Abbie Cardwell & Twin Tones in a Mexico City hacienda

We are proud to share with you this private pre-release digital book. No, you won't find it on iTunes or Spotify...yet. In time we shall unveil further plans for vinyl production and worldwide release dates. Until then, we hope you revel in your exclusive access to this project and our limited edition printed books for those of you that ordered one.

Wether you choose to read it before or after....or simultaneously as you bask in the lush soundscapes we hope you enjoy the journey.

Click to ENLARGE the digital book, press PLAY on your downloaded music and DIVE in!

Mucho amor Abbie and Twin Tones