By Hook Or By Crook (Digital Download)

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product_71698 (2).jpg

By Hook Or By Crook (Digital Download)

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1. 3am

2. Goodnight

3. By Hook Or By Crook

4. Fools Paradise

5. I Miss The Friend

6. Broken

7. The Devil & Me

8. Can't You Hear Me Knockin'

9. Johanna

10. Poverty

11. Chip Chip

12. Atlanta

13. Broken (Solo)

14. Lucky

This stunning album boasts 14 beautiful tracks recorded in Australia and mixed in the USA by Nick DiDia (Bruce Springsteen, Powderfinger etc)

Currently out of physical stock this album is now only available digitally.

Purchasing rather than stealing or streaming this album is a wonderful way of owning it forever and knowing your small payment goes a very long way directly into Abbie's hands so she can continue creating and doing what she loves!.

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