The Bare Bones Session (Autographed)


The Bare Bones Session (Autographed)

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"a powerful listen and one that will have you asking “why haven’t I heard her before” Tim Ritchie Editor, Presentation & Production, ABC Radio National

Track Listing:

1. 52 Pick Up


3. Ode To Billy Joe

4. Come Pick Me Up

5. Oh The Places You Will Go

6. Buttercup

7. Darlin'

8.Riddle & Rhyme

9. Open Road

10. Future's So Bright

The Bare Bones session had one rule and one rule only over two days in a Melbourne studio. Each song was recorded live. What you hear is what Abbie & her leading men played. No editing. No stopping. Just as music was made in the good old days!

Abbie : Guitar, banjo, ukulele, vocals, harmonica

Jeb Cardwell (her big bro) : Guitar, backing vocals

Ashley Davies : Drums

Mixed by Nick DiDia, USA.



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