Home is Where The Corazon Is….

 My dear amigos,

In the drivers seat of Lady-Luck & highway bound for change!

In the drivers seat of Lady-Luck & highway bound for change!

It's a humid Tuesday afternoon as I write to you overlooking the rolling green hills of my mothers property in Brisbane. I made the uncommon decision to refine my life down to doing, being and having only that which I truly love. For too many years I have supported my music career with day jobs that have drained my soul. I even became a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist in order to support my music. It became yet another distraction from my music although I loved helping others with my voice.

For too long I have ached to be doing more of what I love and that is music, music, music. I was unhappy with the life I had been leading for far too long.  Something ached and called me to another path and it wasn't the one I was on. Don't get me wrong, I love my 10 piece band The Chicano Rockers and I treasured performing with my brother Jeb & Ashley Davies in The Leading Men. I am most proud of the album From Mexico With Love that I have just released and I love Melbourne. I adore my friends there too but…there was a BUT. 

To change my situation I needed to change.  I sold a few things and gave more away. I whittled down my possessions to fit inside my beloved Toyota Hiace van I call Lady Luck and hit the highway.

Chewing up the Hume Highway

Chewing up the Hume Highway

I know enough by now to know my instinct never fails me. So here I am following a different drum and making it up as I go and I don't know where it quite leads yet. I have merely removed the trappings, belongings and distractions to follow the new song that echoes from my heart. I now have less but room for so much more. For now 'home' is where my heart is. 

I have my beloved mobile home Lady-Luck, my instruments, mini studio, lots of songwriting and mucho creativity bursting to come out of me. I also plan to share my journey with you all more authentically via home videos and writing in the 'first person' unlike in the past where I tried to sound like I knew exactly what I was doing so much that I had paid help! Ha! 

I also have a big dream to return to Mexico soon to make a Spaghetti-Mex-Western album with Twin Tones and have launched a new PledgeMusic crowd funding campaign to raise the funds. I made a short film about it with my little video camera and a tripod…(Click the link below to watch it!) 

Come along for the ride amigos!

Mucho Amor,