Anonymous Messages to Loved Ones & Exes

The stage shone like a Dolly Parton game show filled with glittery props and sparkling lights for last months Valentines Day Honkytonkin Heartbreakers (sold-out) show at the Junk Bar.   It was a visual LED-lit feast that delivered all the fuzzy heart feels thanks to all the wonderful performers involved and especially to one very last minute idea I had of asking the audience to write anonymous messages to a loved one or an ex. I had no idea how this idea would flow at the time. Would it fall dead flat or be even awkwarder!?!

I handed out Sharpie pens, heart shaped sticky notes for loved ones and good old squares for the ex's. The show kicked in, three-part harmony's flowed and the gorgeous pedal steel guitar cried like any broken heart should. As I began to read out the anonymous messages in-between songs it quickly became clear the audience had more to say when they saw just how cathartic the process was. Little did I know it would become a huge feature of the night as love was expressed, pains blood-let, regrets and secrets were unleashed. We all seemed to journey somewhere lighter with love and laughter wether we were loved up or loveless.

Abbie Cardwell, Jen Mize & Nicole Brophy at The Junk Bar in three part harmony for the Valentines Honkytonkin Heartbreaker Show 2016

Abbie Cardwell, Jen Mize & Nicole Brophy at The Junk Bar in three part harmony for the Valentines Honkytonkin Heartbreaker Show 2016

I didn't pre-read any of them. Some notes induced giggles and some brought on unanimous 'Awwwwws!' from the room (some are unmentionable on this platform!). The more notes I read, the more folks had something to say, and the two jars kept filling with more pieces of paper. 


"I (Heart) Him, But I wish he'd stop giving me wedgies when I'm doing the dishes"
"Time changes things but I still dream about you"
"Hey Good Looking"
"First love but not the last! Dodged a bullet there!!"
"You lost out when you lost me!"

I  loved the process so much I kept it going at a couple of my solo shows in the last few weeks.  It is true what they say "Everyone has a story and we all need to be seen and heard

I might have to leave a few pens around at my next show too.  Below this poster is all the low-down on the very cool new business of house concerts run by Melbourne's Parlour Gigs that are launching in Brisbane ...with me.

                                                                              The home address will be forwarded after your purchase. 

                                                                             The home address will be forwarded after your purchase. 



The clever guys that run their successful house concert business Parlour Gigs in Melbourne are launching in Brisbane in the most amazing private lush house in Brookfield.

I am so thrilled about this that I am going to reveal what I have been secretly creating for the last while by making a mini exhibit of the art, music & story to the epic Spaghetti-Mex-Western album that has been in the making with my band Twin Tones for almost 4 years between Mexico, Australia and Italy.  

The $25 tickets are very limited! Once you purchase your ticket online the address is sent to you via email.  The event will run for a few hours from 3pm on Saturday 19th March in a stunning Brookfield Home. Enjoy complimentary nibbles and an intimate acoustic concert featuring 2 x 45 minute sets of live music spanning my history of acoustic roots, folk, americana and country with special guest Bayden Mitchell on double bass for the 2nd set.  Sit back and relax in a comfy couch, cushion or chair as the concert takes place amid the stunning acoustics of a wonderful wooden floored living area with ridiculously beautiful vista views!. Tickets are limited and selling the link below to snaffle up your own.


Live Concert - Nibbles - Stunning Home - Mexican Album Preview & Art Showing                               (BYO: Please bring your own beverages of choice)

Melbourne amigos, I am popping back in just a few weeks for two great shows and a couple of private house concerts. Please email me at if you are keen to discuss booking you dream house concert with me whilst I am in town between April 12 -24th.


Over the next months I am zig-zagging all over the map from QLD to VIC and SA and back again thrice or more. You can follow my tour dates via the BANDSINTOWN APP for gigs near YOU or visit WWW.ABBIECARDWELL.COM.

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Adios Muchachos, Love Abbie