A song-a-week-challenge?!?!?

I read an article once about some guys 10 week journey in writing a song a week. It seemed tempting to try but damn confronting. The thought of that kind of pressure totally freaked me out but the idea was planted and almost a year later I finally decided to give it a red hot go. 2016 is looming and I want to look back at this year having written a swag of songs and maybe, just maybe, loving some of them enough to play live and record.

I  am into week four now and am suprised and delighted with the results so far. The focus has changed from writing for a specific outcome to simply just finishing a song. This may not sound very profound to some of you but I am guessing it might be very interesting to fellow musicians and creatives. It is just so damn easy to get caught up in wondering if something is 'your sound' or if it's worthy of being recorded on an album or if it fits in with your current live set. Removing the boundaries is FREEING!!! 

I have written 4 new songs in just as many weeks. For me this is HUGE. I usually take more time questioning things and ...doubting. This self-imposed song-a-week challenge is really showing me how being creative creates more creativity.  

Martha Davis from The Motels once told me she writes a song a day. Perhaps I will leave that challenge till 2016!? 

For now I am doing this challenge for a minimum of 10 weeks but it could very well extend. I look forward to sharing my new favourites with you soon!

Below is a new song (a rare 'political' kinda toon) dedicated to refugees and all that seek home and peace. If it helps open even just one persons mind about this dire issue...then I shall  be truly happy!!! (I just filmed it outside so excuse the wind and loud birds that crashed the party!)

 Guiding Star Tour

The Guiding Star tour kicked off with a magical bang in Byron Bay last week. Big ups to the amazing folks at Tintenbar Upfront Club for one of my fave gigs ever and to Fingal for accompanying me so well on guitar/accordian/mandolin on stage. 

See you real soon Melbourne... 

saturday 31st at Open Studio! 

Shot By Alex Clarke

Shot By Alex Clarke

Songwriting inside my van parked at Lennox Head lookout 2 days ago.  

Songwriting inside my van parked at Lennox Head lookout 2 days ago.